Current teaching

Choice of investment and financing, Bachelor, 3rd year

Management of extra-financial performance, Master 2 Management control and organizational audit

Financial market and international finance, M1 Accounting, control and audit

Decisions and financial policy, M1 Management of information systems


Previous teaching

Behavioral finance(Taught in English) - (Evaluations: In 2016: 8.33/10. In 2017: 98,84% "very good" and "excellent" (with a new 5 item Likert-type evaluation system)) 

Applied microeconomics (Taught in English) - (Taught in English)

Winter school (Taught in English) - Master 1 Economics and Psychology 

Economic Intelligence (Taught in English) - (Gestion des entreprises à l'international)

Experimental economics (Evaluations: 4.4/5 in 2013, 4.5/5 in 2014 and 4.5/5 in 2015) (taught in English)

Case Studies in Organizational Economics (taught in English)

International Economics (taught in English and French)

Industrial Organization (taught in French)

Organizational economics (taught in French)

Contemporary Economic Issues (taught in French)


I have also been a TA for Mathematics for Economics, Advanced Microeconomics, and various courses of Introduction to Economics.

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